• No diet talk, judgment, or self-criticism allowed.

  • All bodies and abilities are welcome.

  • Each class is a safe space - trauma-sensitive and HAES-informed.

  • BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat) or feel free to use one of ours.

  • It’s okay to feel a little uncomfortable when you step outside of your comfort zone.

Restorative Yoga

Body-kindness based gentle yoga focused on healing the mind-body connection through mindfulness, movement, and breath in a safe and empowered environment. Through this class you will befriend your body, release tension, embrace authenticity, and cultivate compassion.

Each class will include breath work, poses, stretching, meditation, and rest that is adaptable to every body and ability. Give yourself permission to slow down, feel, and let go.

Thursdays 5:15-6:15pm, $12 drop-in, $10 w/ class pass

Begins September 5th

Postnatal Yoga

The postpartum transition is a whirlwind - so full of joy and deep-down-to-your-bones exhausting.

Yoga won't get you more sleep, change the dirty diapers, or clean up the house, but our hope is to create a safe space where you can reconnect with yourself and your body, recenter and recharge, and settle into this new season feeling more able to cope.

Saturdays 10-11am, $14 drop-in, $12 w/ 4 class pass, $10 w/ 6 class pass

BABIES ARE WELCOME - bring your baby or take the class time for just you.

We're here for you, Mama.

Class is currently postponed - please email annie@rootedcounselingmi.com if interested to be notified of next class!


A four-week workshop focused on strengths-based HIIT kickboxing circuits and strength training to build empowerment, celebrate what your body can do, and create release.

These 30 minute HIIT cardio strength kickboxing classes are taught by a female type 1 diabetic, MMA cage fighter. Aurelia will teach you how to strengthen your entire body though body weight exercises and various strengthening movements. Kettle bells, medicine ball, dumbbells, resistant bands, shadow boxing and kickboxing are some elements you can expect. This class is for anyone and everyone.

Mondays 5:30-6pm

$70 for the workshop series, $20 / drop-in class

Next round scheduled for 9/9-9/30

Somatic Dance Movement

A four-week movement series designed to guide participants in connecting to themselves, to others, and to big ideas. Movers will be invited to observe their body’s responses and movement patterns resulting in opportunities to follow through with a choice or to choose again. Themes such as body listening, self-compassion, empowerment, and perspective will be explored through movement within a judgement-free zone. Two sessions will feature movement-based mindfulness and two sessions will include pilates mat class and movement based coping strategies.

Sundays 1-2pm

$48 for the workshop series

Next round scheduled for 9/8-9/29

Questions about our classes?

We get it - signing up for a new class or group can feel nerve-wracking, vulnerable, and just plain outside of your comfort zone. What if I get self-conscious about my body? What if I have a hard time sharing? And what is mindful movement anyways? 

We'd love to give you some more information and answer any questions you need answered to feel as comfortable as possible. Don't hesitate to reach out! There's no question too silly or small. Call 724.454.9024 or email annie@rootedcounselingmi.com.

All classes are held in the Bailey Community Center (300 Bailey St.).

Move your body; nourish your soul.