Rediscovering Summer Fun During Recovery

When an eating disorder takes root it can be so much harder to find joy in the summer months. Having an eating disorder is like a full time job, and summer means the hours spent working at your eating disorder increase dramatically. Eating disorders don’t take a vacation, but there are steps you can take to make sure your eating disorder doesn’t ruin yours.

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Five Tips For a Recovery-Focused Spring Break

For many students, spring break is generally meant to be a time of relaxation - vacationing with no homework, no late nights studying, and no responsibilities. But for those who are struggling with an eating disorder, this is often not the case. Thoughts of spring break bring intense anxiety; instead of a vacation it can feel more like going into a battle where your mind and body fight for control. So how do you survive spring break stress?

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Luca Giupponi
How To Survive the Holidays After Your Family Has Survived a Trauma

For families who have survived a loss or a trauma, the holidays are endured instead of celebrated, serving as a spotlight on just how difficult things are right now. Holidays can become a source of stress rather than joy and isolation rather than connection. So what do we do when the holidays bring up grief or pain or loss? It may never feel completely easy, but we hope these steps can help.

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